A-0105 – Cutting

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Safety Tools custom designed air tools can only be purchased from Safety Tools Allmet or one of our exclusive importers. They are specially designed to use with our cold files & discs in potently explosive work areas – hot work permit not necessary.

Our Cutting Solutions utilise our A-0105 air tool. The addition of the Water Control Box increases the rating of the air tool and Solution to a to a T4.

Different Guards and are used with our Weld Removal disc and our Cutting disc:
Cutting Guard product number= A-0073
Weld Removal Guard product number= A-0074

Our Cutting disc also has additional adapters (chucks) to hold the disc safely in place:
Inside disc number = A-0077a
Outside disc number = A-0077b

Technical data

  • Speed - 1000rpm
  • Weight - 2400g
  • Lenght - 377mm
  • Max Air Cons. - 0.50 m3/min
  • Temperature Marking - T4
  • Air inlet - 1/4" NPT