A-0052 – Wrap Solution

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Our Wrap Solution was developed for the increasingly popular wrap repair industry.

This solution was tested, endorsed and is now used around the world for surface preparation. Its main uses are; pipelines rehabilitation, pipe support reinforcement and general plant maintenance. This Safety Tools Solution keeps your repairs and maintenance Cold.

Its strong adhesion profile, ease of use and Cold Work benefits make this the recommended and endorsed cold solution for the wrap industry and general plant maintenance.

Proposed application areas:

  • Corrective maintenance on the platforms
  • Corrosion maintenance on ships
  • Drilling deck
  • Ducts/Trunks
  • Engine room surface maintenance
  • Grinding and surface preparation on live fixed pipelines
  • Inside accomidation/Gally/Bridge
  • Inside ballast Tanks
  • Inside cargo tanks
  • Inside pump room
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Remove coating in layers
  • Remove coatings from valves
  • Remove corossion from valves
  • Remove or smooth edges
  • Smooth surface profile
  • Topside corrosion maintenance
  • Workshop
  • And many more

Our Grinding and Cutting Solutions come safely packed in a custom Pelicase lined with pink anti-static foam and include:

  •         DNV certification
  •         EC Declaration
  •         User manual
  •         Quality control checklist
  •         Pneumatic engine diagrams
  •         Analysis for risk report
  •         Ex tools and accessories