A-0057 – All Around with Rough Boy Solution

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Our All-Around with Rough Boy Solution is Safety Tools optimal corrosion control and surface maintenance solution.

Get ahead of your maintenance schedule and avoid extra cost with this complete grinding solution.
This kit contains all of our Ex Air Tools and Cold grinding files and disc. It will pay for itself many times over by avoiding delays and shutdowns. It is Ex certified as safe to use in Ex gas zones 1 & 2 and dust zones 21 & 22. It is used around the globe.

Health, Safety & the Environment

Our Solutions are designed around Health Safety & the Environment (HMS / HSE & OSHA) offering low vibration, low heat and low noise. The fragments produced are large, blunt and will stay all within a few centimeters/inches of your work area. This makes cleanup simple and safe.

Last long

Safety Tools files and disc should not be thought disposables because they are very durable. We have rented our grinding solutions for over a decade in the North Sea. Our customers often say that our files and disc last hundreds of times longer than conversional high quality grinding files and disc.

Proposed application areas:

  • Aluminum preparation
  • Base string welding Start & Stop Grinding
  • Chartek removal
  • Coil Tube chamfer prep & ID weld removal
  • Corrective maintenance on the platforms
  • Corrosion maintenance on ships
  • Drilling deck
  • Ducts/Trunks
  • Engine room surface maintenance
  • Flange separation preparation
  • Gasket removal
  • Grinding & removing reinforced chartek fibre coatings
  • Grinding and surface preparation on live fixed pipelines
  • Grinding small radius holes
  • Inbetween narrow openings (Grating)
  • Inside accomidation/Gally/Bridge
  • Inside ballast Tanks
  • Inside cargo tanks
  • Inside H Beams corrosion maintenance & paint removal
  • Inside pump room
  • Large bolts
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • NDT - Non destructive test (stress/cracks)
  • Pin hole corrosion
  • Remove coating in layers
  • Remove coatings from valves
  • Remove corossion from valves
  • Remove corrosion on stuck small bolts
  • Remove or smooth edges
  • Removing corsion on grating
  • smooth surface profile
  • Topside corrosion maintenance
  • Topside grating removal
  • Weld removal
  • Winch maintenennce
  • Workshop
  • And many more

Our Grinding and Cutting Solutions come safely packed in a custom Pelicase lined with pink anti-static foam and include:

  •         DNV certification
  •         EC Declaration
  •         User manual
  •         Quality control checklist
  •         Pneumatic engine diagrams
  •         Analysis for risk report
  •         Ex tools and accessories
“Safety Tools Allmet’s grinding tools, being cold work and ATEX compliant, enabled us to successfully remove all defects while maintaining normal production saving at least a week’s worth of production."
Boris Thomas – CNNS Corrosion Engineer Shell

Solution Details:

Size 54X21X44cm
Weight 21Kg