Our technology is a new way of doing maintenance and will greatly reduce your cost for surface treatment and mechanical maintenance

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Safety Tools offer a broad range of highly efficient grinding files and cutting discs. The tools are certified for use in hazardous areas and will not generate sparks or heat

SafetyTools files and discs are also suitable for subsea work

Video of divers using SafetyTools grinding files at 3m depth.

Safe repair of live systems. Use Safety Tools grinding files for preparation before wrapping/composition repair of pipes.

The A-0056(Rough boy solution) file with A-0415(Pipe Bungee) for easy and effortless grinding on pipes. Perfect for paint and wrapping preparation


Coating maintenance and surface treatment

Safety Tools Allmet has for more than a decade delivered unique grinding and cutting tools that is perfect for surface and mechanical treatment.
The tool give a surface profile that is possible to paint directly on. It also gives great adhesion test result. Due to no airborne dust or no flying particles you will not damage paint or equipment near where you work.

In this video we use A-0056(rough boy solution) to remove paint. This is our biggest and most efficiant way to remove paint/coorosian from flat surfaces.

In this video we use a A-0108 angle grinder with a A-0009C file to remove paint on a pipe. And then a A-0107 (Straight grinder) with a A-0008 file to remove paint inside the pipe.


Safety Tools cutting solutions – Hand held, sparkless cutting

Safety Tools have a 5mm cutting disc that is suitable for cutting pipes, decks and bolts. The 10mm weld removal disc is perfect for removal of filet welds.

In this video we use a A-0301(Cutting solution) with a 5mm cutting disc. We also use a A-0410(Pendulum arm) to make the cutting job easier.


The cutting system can also be used to cut pipes.

Here we use a 10mm weld removal disc to remove a M20 Bolt.


Efficient and sparkless files that last a long time

In this video, we use a A-0107 straight grinder with a A-0008 file to remove a M8 Stainless steel bolt head. The file will last up to 100 times longer than normal high-speed files.

Removal of a M20 nut using a A-0107 straight grinder with a A-0004 file. Water is not necessary, but is added for increased efficiency.